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About ShopNx

Create blog post from your youtube video with just 1 click

ShopNx is a helper program for influencers

Do you publish affiliate youtube videos and have trouble managing affiliate links? Broken links, out of stock products, change in product links? All the troubles come to an end with ShopNx. ShopNx is a versatile platform for affiliates

  • It collects all your affiliate links into a single manageable place. It periodically checks for broken or out of stock links and reminds you
  • It creates your profile and shares with other affiliate authors and audience
  • In case the affiliate link is out of stock, or broken it reminds you with a notification via email so that you can come back and update without losing affiliate as well as providing your users a good experience
  • Your audience will get an amazing experience browsing your affiliate products
  • This automation software will create a single link for all your affiliate products. Hence 1 video = 1 link.
  • Users will get a cohesive experience as they can see all the recommended products at 1 place including images and price

The research says that the affiliate conversion rate would improve if affiliate videos could include a single descriptive product link rather than a link for each product.

Here is example of a brand space for where it list all your recommended products (PRESERVING THE AFFILIATE LINK)

The above link also contains a link back to your video. It will help track all products rather than doing it manually.


  • Happy Users - Your viewers will be more willing to click on a single link than clicking multiple links
  • More Conversions - Increase in click rate will increase conversions
  • More Affiliate Sales - The above link already contains your own affiliate links
  • Author Profile - - You can recommend the author profile to some interested users where they will find all your affiliate videos at one place
  • Free SEO - At the top of the post you will find a link back to video, which is a do-follow backlink
  • More traffic to video - Currently there are >200 youtubers + 1000 daily visitors using this service, hence there is 10% chance that all those users will find your video too.
  • Social Signals - The post contains social sharing buttons which help users to share the video on Whatsapp, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter.
  • Manage affiliate videos - It will help you track all your affiliate videos, products in one place, rather than doing it manually.
  • Notifications - The system will send you notifications when the listed products goes OUT OF STOCK, so that you can update the product link.
  • Flexibility - You are free to include the link in the description or as a pinned comment.
  • Free Blog Engine - All the above features are offered free of cost to youtube authors.


A portfolio for each publisher is created for improved visibility


List of all influencers and their profile, recommendations


Contains searchable list of latest posts from fashion and technology category

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